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SunSpear Games

It is in games that people find their potential, hone their talent, and realize their goals. We are committed to bringing that wonder to pros and casual players alike. SunSpear Games are:

  • Social: No matter what the battlefield throws at you, someone has your back.
  • Accessible: Mastery is a path, and starting has never been easier.
  • Free-To-Play: Good experiences are meant to be shared. Our games are fair and free to play, and never pay-to-win.

The SunSpear Team has used its incredible talent and powerful culture to create a multiplayer experience like no other. Join us. Become IMMORTAL.



In the bones of dead empires, new civilizations arise
For two thousand years, three worlds have borne the scars of an ancient apocalypse. Now, with the Advent of Ancient Gateways, these disparate nations are thrown into a conflict that stretches across planets and epochs.

Real Time Strategy: Reborn

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Welcome to IMMORTAL, a competitive multiplayer experience where legendary heroes lead their people to victory on the battlefield. To win, players must forge alliances, build armies, and seize territory in exciting PvP and PvE scenarios.

  • Play your Way: Descend from the sky with angelic legions, sweep across the land with alien hordes, or take to the field with magi-tech desperados. With over seven civilizations and dozens of commanders, players choose and customize their playstyle.
  • Rally your Allies: Bring your friends to the battlefield with exciting team gameplay.
  • Command your Army: Innovative controls and UI features put the power in your hands.
  • Sieze your Victory: Reward yourself and your allies with the spoils of war. Create and customize armor and relics that display your power.

Built for Players - Built for Esports

At the core of every successful esport is a fun game. IMMORTAL delivers a compelling experience that is exciting and easy to understand.

  • Community First: Chat channels, clans, in-client streaming, and automated tournaments prioritize strong and positive communities.
  • Built for the Highlight Reel: Units shine in the hands of a skilled player. Achieve mastery and impart your will on the battlefield.
  • Fair Gameplay, for All: With a free rotation of heroes, players are always empowered to compete. All gameplay-affecting content can be earned through play.


Ian Hunt


PHONE: +1 805 284 4197


Dylan Kahn

Business Development

PHONE: +1 406 465 3449